Saturday, October 24, 2009

DineUniversity Sponsored by the Diversity Committee


Purpose: To build a stronger Archway community family by family by learning about each other.

The DineUniversity concept comes from the Diversity committee commitment to encourage open communication, and celebrate our differences. We want to encourage families to get to know other families that they would not normally meet or dine with.This is an opportunity for families to come together and share what is unique about their family, culture and/or traditions.

DineUniversity Guidelines

1. Each group consist of 3 families; each individual family has the opportunity to host dinner in your home for the other two families (for a total of 3 dinners through out the year)

2. We encourage Pot Luck Style dinner or brunch. We encourage your creativity.

3. Ask if there is any dietary considerations for the guest families

4. The host family is invited to share what is unique about their family, culture,
and/or traditions.

5. We want the DineUniversity experience to include both the parents and children.

6. We encourage the children to write an age appropriate report or present an oral
report about their experience (we are working to see how they can get credit for

8. Attached is the final list of family-trios (there might have been some changes since
back to school night.)

9. We ask that the first Dinner be held before November 20,2009(Harvest Festival lower campus), Second Dinner held by before January 18, 2010 (MLK Holiday), and Final Dinner by March 20,2010 (Spring Fling Auction)

10. Opportunity for families to share about their DineUniversity experience will be made available at the multicultural pot luck on December 13,2009

Questions & Support for upper campus contact Questions & Support for lower campus contact:

Yulanda Hendrix 510-595-1032 Jackie Lemoine 510-865-3661 c 757-3570

Asara Tsehai 510-268-1720 Susan Sterling 510-848-9899 c 847-5192

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